• It’s Almost 5pm: How to Make that Last Hour of Work Really Count


    It’s tempting to go into autopilot mode in the last hour of your workday. It’s all too easy to justify spending that time handling non-work e-mail and dealing with personal online concerns since, all things considered, it looks like you’re still doing work. However that final hour of your workday could be a highly productive one.

    Here are the ways to make that final hour of your workday count:

    Review your accomplishments for the day

    Your work day wasn’t just 8 hours of clock-punching. Instead, it actually was an investment of your most valuable asset; your time. Just how well did you spend it? Have you accomplished what you planned to do for the day? Make time for evaluation. Look for ways to treat yourself for completing a major goal, and see why other objectives weren’t met.

    Achieve inbox zero

    Researches indicate that individuals who manage e-mail a few times per day are far more productive than others who check them throughout the day. If you’re obsessed with a mobile phone, set an email alarm once in the morning and again during the last hour of your workday. You’ll be amazed how little time it requires to manage e-mail in bulk and how only a few of them are important.

    Clear your desk

    You don’t really want to leave your desk all cluttered up, do you? The last hour of the day is the perfect time for you to clear out your desk and get it nice and tidy for the next workday. A clear desk is one of things that could ignite your productivity for the next morning. So clear your desk of all the trash and clutter, arrange everything in neat order, then you’re ready to go. Not known for your desk organizational skills? Here are some tips for you via timemanagementninja.com!

    Thank people

    Take a couple of minutes to thank a handful of people who have helped you through the day. Perhaps a team leader has helped you with a certain work problem, or a new client has agreed to sign up with your service and the like. Just send a quick e-mail or a short message through various messaging clients. Make this a part of your daily routine and you are bound to reap the long-term benefits.

    And there you have it! It may have been the perfect workday or a day you would rather forget about, but you still managed to get through. Do not forget to compliment yourself before starting again tomorrow. If you have any tips you think should be added to this list, contact me on LinkedIn!

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