• Extreme Skydiving by David Pascht: What makes this Activity Extreme?


    david pascht skydiving blog tipsAs a matter of fact, it seems they’re not contented with the usual sports that they play. Because of people’s thirst for exhilaration and adventure, extreme sports emerged. One of the most sought-after extreme sports today is extreme skydiving. So what makes this sport extreme?

    Free Fall or Free Jump

    Skydiving is an activity or a sport whereby the participants do free fall or jump from a very high altitude or from an aircraft. Once the participants jumped out from the high base, the can do a variety of aerial movements, before using their parachute to slow down their descent. The parachute is what allows the participants employ a safe and gentle touch down to the ground.


    Extreme skydiving is also being referred to as parachuting, referencing to the most relevant equipment used in this activity. Parachuting is done as some sort of competitive sport and recreational activity. It is also done by military people, specifically by Air forces, as well as by forest fire fighters, as a kind of deployment technique.

    As quoted by experts, this activity can be done by individuals at different physical fitness levels. They also quoted that anyone who wants to do skydiving should be fully prepared for the adrenaline rush that it can render. Nowadays, extreme skydiving is present in various parts of the world.

    Organizations of Skydivers

    There are a lot of organizations and companies that offer skydiving, and they ensure the safety of the participants. Most of the organizations and companies that offer skydiving offer guided lessons.

    Skydiving Basics & Techniques – How to Fly Your… by DavidPascht

    It’s not rare to see newbies hesitate during their first jump. Nevertheless, experts ensure that prior to the free fall or jump, the participants are fully equipped both with the right paraphernalia and skydiving guidelines, which they need to follow.

    As of today, there are also organizations and websites that offer skydiving courses. Individuals who want to do skydiving for the first time can learn the basics before they sign up. Among the most checked out skydiving courses are Tandem Jump and Accelerated Freefall Course.

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    What is a Tandem Jump

    Tandem Jump refers to the kind of skydiving whereby the participant is strapped to an expert or instructor. Accelerated Freefall on the other hand refers to the technique whereby the participant jumps from a plane by himself. In majority of cases, those who do the Accelerated Freefall originate from a base that is 14,000 or 12,000 feet high.

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